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Visual Experience Curators

Visual production has been key to giving attendees an all-encompassing experience and this year Asteria has partnered with Dark Moon Designs who have previously worked with such festivals as Electric Forest, Shambhala and Elements.

Together we will turn the festival grounds into an out-of-this-world oasis.

Giving an environment to the audience to allow them to express themselves, discover their talent, and interact with the community is the driving force behind Dark Moon Design’s creations. They cherish the curiosity of being human and look to nurture that honest and vulnerable exploration of the unknown.

The team has roots in Boulder, Colorado. They stem from various different skill sets, collaborating together to create art and learn together about what it takes to make abstract ideas become reality. 

Finding inspiration in anything and everything, Dark Moon Designs strives to only go onward and upward-always taking it further.